Madama Butterfly Resources

AOA is a non-profit organization that primarily runs on donations from the opera industry.  We ask that if you use the below resources, you make a donation to Asian Opera Alliance.

In the 2021-2022 season, Boston Lyric Opera explored many of the problematic aspects that arise when producing Madama Butterfly.  We encourage you to watch this seven part discussion series.

Hosted and curated by AOA founder Nina Yoshida Nelsen, The Atlanta Opera, presented a podcast in tandem with their 2022 production of Madama Butterfly. This podcast is a 5 episode series.

Additional Articles

Educational materials on microggressions

We encourage you to do internal company training and education on microaggressions and how to identify microaggressions toward Asians before starting the rehearsal process.  Much harm can be caused in the rehearsal room from microaggressions and it is important to know what this looks like for your Asian colleagues.

AOA also asks that you establish a “safe space” for your BIPOC artists to go if they are feeling uncomfortable.  We have worked in an industry filled with quietism for too long. Adequately supporting the BIPOC artists you bring into your companies is paramount.

Bystander training

Stay tuned…

Casting and Creative Team Recommendations

AOA has compiled a long list of Asian singers and creatives in the opera industry.  We encourage you to hire Asians for your productions, and to ALSO hire us for non Asian roles.

If you are considering a traditional production of Butterfly, we encourage hiring a traditional movement instructor/cultural consultant for the duration of your rehearsal period.

Please contact us at for specific information.